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2021 Magnolia Festival Pageant Winners

The Magnolia Festival Pageant was held last weekend on Friday, June 11th. Under the direction of Amy Dearfield-Hannah, the pageant was well attended and proved to be a fun activity to usher in the Magnolia Festival festivities.

Now for the information you’ve been waiting for! Here’s a list of pageant winners:

Baby Miss Magnolia - Blakely Roberts

Tiny Miss Magnolia - Hadilee Newsome

Toddler Miss Magnolia - Karrington Gibson

Little Miss Magnolia - Mallie Maynard

Young Miss Magnolia - Mollie Maynard

Little Miss Magnolia Mini Supreme Queen - Lilliana Estep

Little Miss Magnolia Supreme Queen - Kinsey Cline

Little Miss Magnolia Grand Supreme Queen - Ava Carr

Little Miss Magnolia Mega Supreme - Kylington Gibson

Miss Magnolia Ambassador - Rena Runyon

Miss Magnolia Cover Girl - Jalee Vance

Miss Congeniality - Rena Runyon

Teen Miss Magnolia - Anastasia Rife

Miss Magnolia - Anna Rife

Ms.. Magnolia - Maliyah Martin

Miss Magnolia Queen of Queens - Kaylee Tomblin

Congratulations to all of the pageant winners!

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