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Are You Ready for Trailfest?!

Since 2000, folks with a passion for trail riding have flocked to Gilbert, WV for one of the best celebrations of trail riding and off-road fun there is: National TrailFest. Initially begun by the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, and taken over by the City of Gilbert in 2012, the event has only grown in size through the years, and now offers a variety of activities and events as a part of TrailFest.

TrailFest 2022 will feature an obstacle course and mudpit, both of which are favorites for riders who attend. There will also be a Truck show on Thursday, October 6, and a machine show on October 7. Both days will also put the spotlight on live music, with multiple musicians attending the event.

There will be a petting zoo on Thursday, October 7, from 2-7 pm. Other events and activities include a parade, Casino Night, Drag Racing, and a variety of demos.

There are also several attendance options. To participate in the drag strip, mud pit, and obstacle course, folks can purchase either a one day event pass, or a full event pass, which will give access to the entire event, including the aforementioned activities, and other fun events, such as Vegas Night, scavenger hunts, and the Finding Bigfoot Contest.

To learn more about National TrailFest 2022, check out their Facebook event page.


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