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Friendships aren’t hard to come by in Williamson, and finding something fun to do with those friends is just as easy. In honor of Best Friends’ Day, we asked some locals to share some of their favorite activities to do with their best friends.

The Hatfield McCoy House Inn Floatilla combines Williamson’s sense of adventure with a love of relaxation for any best friends who are looking for a lazy day on the river.

“I love it because I get to spend quality time with my friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery that my hometown mountains has to offer, and until my late forties I had never been down the Tug River and here it was in my own backyard!” - Tina Todd

Kayaking is another great source of entertainment for you and your best friends.

”I suppose it's all about bonding. Often you make the most lasting friendships from doing things together that are difficult or different. You connect a lot more on the water together than you would, say going to a movie,”- Jessica Hackney

If you and your best friends are looking to get out on the Tug River, you can find more information on kayaking and other water-based activities in the area from the Friends of the Tug Fork River Facebook page!

Hiking is one of the most common adventures in the area, and it is even better when you’re surrounded by friends.

“Hiking around here takes you away from our busy lives and bring us back to a sense of yourself. Everything seems to be more beautiful when you are in nature, and it clears your mind from all the stresses. Everything brings you down to earth. Also, it is challenging and so worth it when you get to the top. You feel accomplished and proud.”- Alexis Batausa

Another great workout with friends come for the amazing 5K and running opportunities in Williamson. Members of the Tug Valley Road Runners Club use their love of running as a way to bond with their best friends.

“Good talks, lots of laughter and time goes by so much easier. We help push each other to the finish line.”- Terry Blackburn Meade, TVRRC member

One activity that draws friends to the mountains is the trail system. Groups of friends who trail-ride come from all over the world to check out the wonderful trail system found right here in the Tug Valley.

“We enjoy trail riding with our friends because of the fellowship it provides us and well a way to get away from all of our everyday hustle and bustle in the big city. Williamson is a special place to trail ride with our group because of the history of all the surrounding area. All of the Hatfield and McCoy feud sites and it gives us something to talk about with each other back at camp. It is also full of beauty and scenic views and the trails are challenging for all of us.”

- Mudlove Offroad, an out of town trail riding group.

However, locals also share some great experiences on the trail.

‘We love riding the trails with friends because we enjoy spending time together, and sometimes we get wild and crazy going through water and mudholes. The trails are special because it’s beautiful and just relaxing riding. I sometimes just going to get away and enjoy the sounds of nature.”- Wendy Barker

If you’re looking for more of a laid back day with your best friends, Williamson is home to many great amazing restaurants like Starters and 34:Ate with a town full of shops right down the street.

Whether you are looking for an adventure or just a nice day out with friends, Williamson can be the perfect place to celebrate Best Friends’ Day!

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