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Can You Solve the Mystery?

Since the earlier half of 2021, Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission has been looking to bring a little more culture to the area with their Murder Mystery Dinner series. Their first show, Marriage, Mob, and Murder, was a success, and now they’ll be bringing yet another show to the area: Clueless, inspired by the board game Clue and the film of the same name happens on Saturday, September 25th at the Williamson Field House beginning at 7pm. The murder mystery will be presented by Murder and Merriment, a murder mystery entertainment group.

A Classic Story

The show will tell the story of 9 guests offered $100,000 to spend the night in a creepy mansion. One of them is offered a million dollars to commit murder! Will everyone survive? Come to the show to find out!

Jarrod Dean, Executive Director of the Parks and Recreation, is excited to be hosting their second dinner show. “One of the many focuses of our mission here at the parks organization is to provide great events that the family can enjoy, or to gather with all of your friends,” he says. “I think our community loves the challenge involved in these events, as the Murder and Merriment cast becomes very interactive with the audience. Overall, it’s a great night out in our beautiful city.”

Jarrod is grateful for those who have shown up for the previous dinner, and other events hosted by Parks and Recreation. “The support we have from our local folks is very refreshing, and helps keep our energy levels up for constantly putting on events and improving our properties at the forefront.”

They invite everyone to come on out and help solve the mystery. “We welcome everyone to reserve your tickets!” Jarrod says. “Bring your family, friends, co-workers, and all of the above to our show! You won’t be disappointed.”

Tickets are available now! Individual tickets for dinner and the show are $40 each or purchase a table of eight tickets for $300.00. Call 304-785-7602 for ticket reservations. Check out the Williamson Parks and Recreation Facebook page to find more information about Clueless.

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