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Can You Solve the Mystery During Dinner?

The Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission is looking to bring a different kind of fun to the area with their new Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Series. According to Parks and Recreation Executive Director Jarrod Dean, the murder mystery series will be a interactive, live dinner show, which will allow people to enjoy watching a live acting show and also participate in parts of the show.

They got the idea for the events because of Dean’s past experience of working with George R. Snider III and his company Murder and Merriment. “I’ve known George Snider for some time now, and I have booked his company in the past,” Jarrod says. “With a sold out crowd, our event was definitely successful, so I am looking forward to having them again for this series of shows.” Jarrod’s brother, Lee Dean, is also an actor with Snider’s company, which makes it extra exciting for Jarrod. “It is pretty cool to get to work with my brother in this capacity,” he says.

New & Exciting Events

This event is new territory for Williamson Parks and Recreation. “An event like this really excites me because the parks commission really hasn’t hosted events like this,” Jarrod says. “We are thinking outside the box and working on developing different events and programs at our facilities.” He hopes that events like this will not only bring in money, but will also bring in lots of people to enjoy the facilities.

More than anything, Jarrod hopes this puts the Parks and Recreation Commission on people’s radar, so to speak. “I think it lets people know that the parks are here, and that we are at the table.” He’s also hoping that this provides a new draw for those who are visiting the area for the trails or other adventures, and offers them something to enjoy during their downtime.

Jarrod and the folks at Williamson Parks and Recreation are excited for this event. He says, “I am very excited for our success! We have a lot of projects we are wanting to accomplish this year, and I want everyone that attends and buys tickets at our events to know they are allowing us to upgrade and improve our parks with their participation.”

The first show in the series will be “Marriage, Mob, and Murder!” at the Williamson Field House on Saturday, March 27 at 6pm. Cost is $35.00 for a single ticket, $60.00 for a couple, or $200.00 for a reserved group table for eight people. Ticket cost also includes dinner. You can find more info about this event and tickets on the Facebook event page or by calling 304-785-7602.

Additional murder mystery dinner nights are also scheduled for June 26th, September 25th, and December 11th. Each murder mystery night has a different theme for attendees to enjoy! Check out the flyer below!

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