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2021 City of Williamson Candidates Forum

The GFWC-WV Williamson Woman’s Club will once again host a candidates forum prior to the City of Williamson election for mayor and city council members. The primary election for Williamson leadership will be held on April 13th, followed by the general election on June 8th.

This is the second time the Williamson Woman’s Club has hosted a city candidates forum. The club also hosted a forum during the 2017 election.

After requesting and receiving a list of all candidates for the offices of mayor and city council, club treasurer Sherry Hatfield sent a written invitation to each candidate. Candidates were asked to confirm whether they will attend the forum or not by March 29th.

The candidates forum will take place on Tuesday, March 30th at the Williamson Field House. Doors will open at 5:00pm and the forum will begin at 5:30pm. Each candidate for mayor and council will be allowed up to five minutes to state their goals and ideas for the city if they are elected.

After opening presentations, a question and answer period will follow for the mayoral candidates. Due to time constraints, the question and answer session will not be open to council candidates. As members of the audience arrive, they will be given note cards to write down questions for the mayoral candidates. Club member Shelby Porter will serve as moderator for the event. The Williamson Woman’s Club will not prepare questions prior to the event as all questions will come from those in attendance.

Williamson Woman’s Club members note, they feel this is an important forum to host as it affords the citizens of Williamson the opportunity to get to know their candidates and allows candidates to present their ideas and goals.

COVID-19 guidelines will be observed during the forum.

You can find more information about the forum here.

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