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Coalfield’s Got Talent is Coming Soon!

Showing Off Local Stars with Coalfield’s Got Talent 2023 

Do you have a talent you’d like to share with others?  Well this June, you’ll get your chance to light up the stage at the annual Coalfield’s Got Talent competition. 

This event was brought about by Nate Siggers years ago, as a way to “bring community together, engage folks in conversation about what is happening, and showcase local talent while doing so,” Says Amy Hannah, Community Outreach Director for Williamson Health and Wellness Center.  

This year, Coalfield’s Got Talent will take place at the Magnolia Fair Festival. There will be two categories: 16 and under and 17 and up. Each of these categories will have a winner, who will receive $500, and a runner up, who will receive $250. There will be one overall grand prize winner, who will win $1,000 and will open for singer Noah Thompson the following night of the fair.

Even though the grand prize includes the chance to open up for the American Idol winner, it’s not just for songbirds. It is open to “all forms of family friendly entertainment,” Amy says. “We have had baton twirling, pet acts, and more. It is not just for singers!” 

Amy is excited for yet another chance to see live talent. “I love seeing live talent!” She says. “It amazes me to see all of the talent that we have in our region, and I am thrilled when they want to share it on the CGT stage!” 

Amy went on to share one of her favorite stories from the previous show. “One of our winners from last year was invited to open for Josh Addair at the festival. She was only 10 and so star struck. It made my day to feel like we helped a child achieve a dream!” 

You still have plenty of time to prepare if it’s your dream to perform on the stage! Coalfields Got Talent will be on June 21, 2023 in Matewan, WV. For more information contact Amy Dearfield Hannah on Facebook, or call her at 304-235-5607. 


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