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Who’s Got Talent? The Coalfields, That’s Who!

Who’s Got Talent? The Coalfields, That’s Who!

In 2015, Williamson Health and Wellness Center hosted the first Coalfields Got Talent! Talent show. Since then it continues to grow and has become one of the area’s most anticipated events. This year is no exception.

What is Coalfields Got Talent?

Coalfields Got Talent is a talent show for all ages and acts. Approximately 35 – 40 participants enter every year to compete for cash prizes and to show off their talents to the large crowds that come to watch the performances. According to WHWC Outreach Coordinator, Nate Siggers, up and coming country music star and TV’s The Voice Season 15 star, Rachel Messer from Wayne County, WV started her musical career after winning Coalfields Got Talent in 2015.

“Coalfields Got Talent is a resource event where we can showcase talent in the Coalfields at the same time,” says Nate Siggers.

During the event, WHWC invites local community resource groups and organizations to set up an outreach table. Those attending the event can gain information about resources in the area that might meet a need they have.

Not only is Nate an outreach coordinator for WHWC, he’s also the host of local TV Show Relate with Nate. Nate serves as the emcee for the talent showcase and is one of the shows biggest promoters and supporters.

“I, along with Williamson Health and Wellness, feel it’s important to do this show at least once per year because things change, not only in the community but someone’s circumstances may change. At Coalfields Got Talent, they get to see and hear about resources and opportunities in our area,” Nate says.

According to Nate, people are also excited to be given the opportunity to showcase their talents. With so many talented individuals in the Coalfields, there’s never a shortage of participants signing up. With over $1,500 in cash prizes featuring an Audience Choice Award, it’s sure to be a great show!

Sign Me Up!

Are you ready to compete in the Coalfields Got Talent 2019? Registration is open now through Friday, November 8th. Here’s how you can join the fun:

1. Call Williamson Health and Wellness Center at 304-235-3400 and tell them you’re ready to be the winner of Coalfields Got Talent 2019!

2. Visit the Williamson Health and Wellness Center Outreach Office at 182 E. 2nd Avenue, Williamson, WV.

Registration is free and open to dancers, singers, musicians, animal tricks, magicians, and more!

Support the Talent!

If you’re not registering for the talent showcase but want to come to enjoy the performances, Coalfields Got Talent will begin at 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 16th at the Williamson Field House at 1703 W. 3rd Avenue, Williamson.

Nate tells us, “We want everyone to get out and join us. Come have a good time, support our community and support all the special talent we have.”

Take it from us, Coalfields Got Talent is always full of surprises and tons of fun! You don’t want to miss it!

Keep up to date with Coalfields Got Talent 2019 and other Williamson Health and Wellness Center events by following their Facebook page:

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