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Community Cooking Class: Tailgate Chili

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

A Healthy Snack for the Chili-est Months

For those looking for a way to warm up during the chilliest months of the year, chili is often the way to go. Kristin DeBoard, the organizer and instructor of local cooking classes for the community, will be teaching folks how a traditional chili recipe can be a little bit healthier this February.

She picked the recipe for Tailgate Chili from the WV farmer’s market cookbook, the result of a collaboration between the West Virginia Farmers Market Association and the American Heart Association. Folks throughout the state were asked to share their favorite recipes and the organizations worked together to create “good, clean, healthy recipes,” says Kristin.

The chili will feature plenty of standard ingredients, like green peppers and onions, as well as ground turkey, zucchini, and plenty of spices for seasoning. As always, Kristin will share the health benefits of her ingredients with the class as they prepare their meal. “Turkey has less fat and calories and usually the same amount of protein, so it is a good option for someone watching their saturated fat intake,” She says. They’ll be using a variety of spices, including turmeric, cumin, and garlic. Turmeric and cumin are highly beneficial for sore muscles and inflammation, while garlic is an immune booster.

If you want to learn to cook a healthier variation on traditional chili, the cooking class will be on February 6. For more details about the class, visit their Facebook page. To learn more about the cooking classes, visit here.

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