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Cook Through A Book

Throughout the summer, kids in Williamson will have the chance to enjoy the Cook Through a Book series of events hosted by the local Power of Produce kid’s club. Kids will “cook through” a classic children’s book featuring a produce-based snack. They’ll read the book together before enjoying a snack based on the one featured in the book. Each child will also receive a copy of the book to enjoy at home.

Blending Children’s Classics with Great Food

The idea came from Kristin DeBoard, who started the P.O.P club for kids last year. There are Power of Produce clubs across the country, but the activities offered vary from club to club. Last year, Kristin put together a schedule that changed from week to week but was the same from a month to month basis; for example, the first week of every month, kids learned about agriculture in West Virginia. This year, Kristin wanted the format to be similar events each month, and the idea for Cook through a Book was born.

“The idea for Cook Through a Book was something that I thought about while planning this year’s market events back in February,” Says Kristin. “When changing the schedule I wanted to maintain consistency, so doing the same event monthly was a no brainer.” Kristin loves working with kids and cooking, so combining children’s classics with food is a great way for her to achieve her goals with this event. “What better way to get all goals accomplished by educating with books and cooking with the food featured in the book!”

Kids Learn While Parents Shop Local

The first Cook Through A Book was on June 15th, 2019, and it was a success. Kids read Blueberries for Sal, which follows the main character and her mother as they pick blueberries to can for the winter. After reading, kids enjoyed blueberry compote on waffles.

There will be two more Cook Through a Book events hosted this summer, on July 20th and August 17th, respectively. Parents interested can learn more about the event from their facebook page, and can browse locally grown produce while their kids “cook through a book”.

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