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Cool Designs: DIY Designs with Shawn & Tonya

Shawn and Tonya Cool developed a passion for DIY projects around 2013, when they got married and moved into their newly built home. The pair made the decision to do a lot of the interior work themselves, and though it’s taken years for them to finish their home, they’ve loved every project. It’s their passion for DIY that led them to start DIY Designs by Shawn and Tonya, a facebook page where they offer input and advice to folks starting their own DIY projects.

Over the years, the pair completed a covered patio, a two-story balcony, a covered bridge, a custom gazebo, and, most recently, a barn and workshop that’s taken years to complete. They started DIY Designs in 2015 to show off before and after pictures of their projects. When folks started asking for advice, they started posting videos as well.

Sharing their Passion

In 2019, the pair purchased the building that would become the home of Tonya’s beauty salon, Reflections Salon and Spa. It took only 3 months for them to transform the 100 year old building into a beautiful salon. The pair work during the evenings and weekends on their DIY projects, as they both have full-time jobs.

“All in all, our DIY projects are not us working hard every weekend, but us enjoying our weekends and doing something that is our hobby and our passion, and in the process, it makes things beautiful,” they say.

To check out their projects, or get their advice, check out DIY Designs by Shawn and Tonya on Facebook!

All photos from DIY Designs by Shawn and Tonya

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