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Cool Fall Table Setting Tips

For many people, a big part of the joy of fall is decorating. Who doesn’t love all those vivid shades of red and orange, the natural accents, and a couple of brightly colored pumpkins and squash? If you love decorating for fall, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Williamson Forward talked to Tonya Cool from DIY Designs by Shawn and Tonya to get some fabulous tips about the best way to decorate a table for the autumn months.

Creating a Beautiful Space to Share With Family and Friends

“I love setting a table more than anything,” Tonya says. She doesn’t have to spend big to make things look nice, either. “Even if it looks expensive, mine usually aren’t. I usually throw some burlap together for a runner, and use things from my landscaping to create an inviting table-scape.” For her, it’s exciting to consider new ways to decorate. “I get so excited thinking of creative ways to decorate my table for guests using things I can go outside and gather, and combine with things I have. I think it’s so much more enjoyable having a meal from a beautifully decorated table.”

For Tonya, the three essentials are a few little pumpkins, some natural fabric to use as a tablecloth or runner, and, of course, some candles. “Candles just make any table look more inviting,” she says. Tonya emphasizes that you don’t have to spend big to put together something beautiful-- you just have to get creative. “It’s just about getting creative and making a beautiful space to enjoy time with family and friends.”

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All photos provided by Tonya Cool

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