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CrossFit Experior

A Well-Rounded Workout

For folks in Williamson looking for a well-rounded way to get healthy, CrossFit Experior gym might be the place to go. The gym offers a variety of instructor-led CrossFit classes, designed to be modifiable for any fitness level. CrossFit is described by Josh Ferrell, one of the owners of CrossFit Experior, as combining “weightlifting, powerlifting, cardio, stretching, and seeking to find a balance among all those different workout methods. It’s about being well-rounded and versatile.”

Photos provided by CrossFitExperior.

Something New Every Day

At CrossFit Experior, Ferrell says, there is something new every day. “A typical day will encompass a variety of weights, movements, and cardio. Also, we utilize different stretches to improve range of motion and flexibility. We even have a class called Sweat that utilizes the same principles but doesn’t use a barbell and is more cardio-focused. It truly offers something for everyone.” Stacie Beckett, another owner of CrossFit Experior, feels the same way. Prior to helping start the gym, she wasn’t familiar with CrossFit, and she was at the gym’s first-ever CrossFit class. After her first class, she was hooked. “I have been faithfully doing CrossFit ever since!”

It’s important to the owners that the workouts be modifiable for anyone, at any experience level, so they can introduce it to as many people as possible. “I think it’s vitally important to have options for people in the area to engage in activities that improve their health, fitness, and overall wellbeing,” says Ferrell. “We are firm believers that exercise is not only good for your body but your mind... I think it’s important for all organizations to be welcoming and accommodating. Exercise and fitness should not be intimidating.”

Photos provided by CrossFitExperior.

In the future, Ferrell and Beckett hope to continue improving their classes and reaching new people. They also want to continue growing the kids’ Obstacle Course Race, which they host at the end of every summer. The event is complete with medals and t-shirts for the kids, and they always follow-up with a cookout. “Our members have as much fun with it as the children,” Ferrell says.

The owners invite anyone and everyone to check out CrossFit Experior, regardless of their experience level or age. “It truly offers something for everyone,” says Ferrell. To learn more about CrossFit Experior, visit their Facebook page.

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