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Dance Recital: A Night in the Museum

Yearly recitals from Debbie’s Dance Studio are back! In the past, Debbie Carlin and her dance students have danced annual summer recitals revolving around themes like the enchanted forest. This year, the theme will be a museum in Paris, France.

Parisian Masterpieces

A total of thirty different dances in various styles, including pre-ballet, ballet on pointe, lyrical, jazz, and acro-dance, will feature various masterpieces found in Paris. One dance from some younger students will be based on Madeline, of the book series of the same name, and a field trip to the museum.

The recital’s program reads: “As the day ends, and the doors are shut, silence is met. They say a sad spirit walks nightly through the halls, staring at the sculptures and artwork, wishing they’d give something back, like a nod or look or a movement. So, on this quiet night he plays his violin, urging them out of their frames, and off their pedestals.”

Each dance on stage during this recital will reflect art that has come alive. Monet’s “Water Lilies”, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, and Pablo Picasso’s “Girl Before The Mirror” are just a few that will be included during the performances. There’s even excitement as a group of criminals try to steal the artwork.

2 Years in the Making

“This recital has been two years in the making,” Debbie Carlin of Debbie’s Dance Studio, says. “The thought process began in the fall of 2019. We thought that we would perform this last year, but the pandemic interfered, so a few of these dances have been worked on for a year and a half.”

Debbie and her students are proud of their hard work, and excited that they will finally get to perform again. “The students have worked extremely hard on this recital,” she says. “We are just very glad to be able to do this. The students will love having a large audience to dance in front of to showcase their hard work.”

“A Night in the Museum” will take place on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 1:00pm and 6:30 pm in the Belfry High School Auditorium. Admission will be $8 per adult, and $4 per child. To learn more about this event, check out the Facebook event page!

Photos from Debbie's Dance Studio Facebook

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