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Dog Treats for a Good Cause

Looking for some treats for your furry friend, or just like supporting a good cause? Leigh Ann Ray, the grants coordinator for the Mingo County Commission, and a member of the Williamson Woman’s Club, will be baking and selling dog treats to match a grant for spaying and neutering services in Mingo County.

Leigh Ann describes it as an “ongoing project” to help match the grant money awarded by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture to the Mingo County Commission. The grant will allow Mingo County residents to have their pets spayed or neutered, as well as pay for feral cats in the area to be spayed or neutered. This is the second year that the grant has been awarded to the county, and last year, the county was able to provide services for 95 animals.

Leigh Ann hopes to help raise the $1850 necessary to match the grant, and she had the idea to sell dog treats instead of asking for the typical donations. “With the COVID-19 Pandemic causing people to be off work, I didn’t want to ask people to just donate cash,” She says. “So I thought dog treats would go right along with the project as a whole.”

Leigh Ann will continue selling the treats until she’s reached the goal, and she plans to change up the recipe over time. Currently, the recipe includes bananas, all-natural peanut butter, and oats, and the treats have a shelf life of about a week.

Anyone looking to support Leigh Ann can order treats by contacting her directly over Facebook.

You can also send a message to the GFWC-WV Williamson Woman's Club Facebook page. If you don’t have a furry friend, but still want to support the cause, you can make donations payable to the GFWC-WV Williamson Woman's Club.

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