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Elijah’s Fundraiser

Meet Elijah Warren

Elijah Warren is 9 years old, and a student at Williamson PK-8. He’s a big fan of sports, especially basketball, which his mom Kelly describes as “his absolute passion.” Elijah is a point guard who idolizes Ja Morant, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, and Allen Iverson, and there is “nowhere he’d rather be” than on the basketball court perfecting his game. 

 Elijah was also recently diagnosed with epilepsy, after members of his family and his football coach noticed him staring blankly multiple times a day. After a visit to the neurologist, it was clear he was experiencing 30 or more silent seizures every day. Since then, Elijah has been placed on medication, and he’s working hard to get back to sports. 

A Hard Worker On and Off the Court 

It might sound like Elijah has plenty already on his plate, and that’s true, but he’s also working with his mom Kelly to raise money to purchase a shooting machine, which is used by basketball players to perfect their skills. This is something that will help him improve his skills, so he can “be like Ja and the others,” but it’s not just for him. He wants the machine to be used by all the students at Williamson PK-8. According to Kelly, “he says the only way for Williamson to get better is the need for a shooting machine.” 

Once funds are gathered, it’s Kelly’s plan to film the moment where Elijah presents the shooting machine to the students of Williamson PK-8. She’s proud of everything Elijah has accomplished, and how motivated he is. “He is serious about everything: school, sports, and life,” She says. Elijah’s favorite subject in school is math, and he loves sitting down to solve problems almost as much as he loves sports. 

If you’d like to help Elijah reach his goal and donate a shooting machine to his fellow students, check out hisGoFundMe. There’s no minimum to donate, as Kelly says: “any donation is greatly appreciated, and no donation is too small.”

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