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Quickbooks and The Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching Center

Are you thinking of starting a business or already have one? According to QuickBooks is a must-have for you. What’s that? You’d like to use QuickBooks, but you’re not sure where to start? Keep reading- we will direct you in the right direction!

Free Quickbooks Class Info

The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching Center is offering a FREE Basic Accounting with QuickBooks Class at the college’s Williamson Campus. The class will be held on Monday, July 22 from 9am - 5pm with lunch provided. Participants will meet in the main building of the Williamson Campus in room 302. Pre-registration is required, only one registration per business is permitted, and space is limited to ten participants. If the class is full, additional names will be placed on a waiting list. To register, contact Program Administrator Bryan Shaw at or call 304-896-7408.

During this full-day session, a WV based Certified Public Accountant will teach you the basics of setting up and managing Quickbooks for your business. Topics to be covered during the day include measuring business profitability, tracking costs of goods sold, set up employee payroll, tax and benefit liabilities, and more. After the workshop, those present will have the opportunity to sign up for a one-hour phone follow-up consultation at no charge!

Why Quickbooks?

Shaw tells us, starting a business is easy. Anyone can go through the WV Secretary of State Office and obtain a business license. It takes about 30 minutes to fill out the application and they will even help you through the process. However, growing and maintaining a business is an entirely different story.

“From the moment you begin investing your own money or someone else’s money into your business and begin buying inventory, paying rent, getting customers, etc. records must be kept. You will need this information for taxes, future financing, inventory management, tracking sales, paying yourself and employees, and so much more. This can all be very overwhelming, especially when you still must manage the other parts of your business-like marketing, sales, and most importantly, customers, “says Shaw.

According to Shaw, Quickbooks is the most popular software available for managing the financial aspects of a business. When you are running a business, being efficient and organized can be very challenging. Services like Quickbooks can help you keep all your financial records in one place, becoming efficient and organized, so that you can focus more time on growing your business rather than letting your business manage you.

What is the Entrepreneurship & Business Center?

The SWCTC Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching Center’s goal is creating sustainable opportunities based on entrepreneurship and small business success.

Shaw says, “We can help connect you to resources and ideas that will get you off to a strong start. And if you’re already in business, we can help keep you on track.”

Some of the services and resources provided by Shaw and the team at the Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching Center are:

* Identifying your needs – Working with you to identify all the things you will need to start or grow your business

* Develop a business plan – Helping you shape your vision into an action list

* Find financial assistance – Guiding you through the process of finding loans and the best financial assistance for you

* Offer business coaching – It’s much less intimidating when someone with experience listens to your ideas and offers helpful input as you make progress on your journey

* Select workshops – Knowledge is power, especially in business! Our variety of workshops, online training, and business events will help you develop great skills and boost your business knowledge

You can find more information about the program and learn more about upcoming workshops by following them on Facebook or on their website at

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