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Fall Into Wellness

Through the years, Williamson Health and Wellness and the Williamson Farmers Market have brought so many different programs and events to the area in order to enrich the community’s knowledge about health and promote the well-being of folks throughout the area. Later this month, they’ll be offering the Fall into Wellness Festival and Health Fair.

The Festival will feature a variety of fun activities, including a fear factor, crafts, and games. Rest assured, however, that this event isn’t just about a wholesome family evening. There will also be free health and dental screenings provided to those in attendance!

In addition to the activities and health screenings, one major element of the festival will be the cookie bake-off! According to Kristin DeBoard with the Health and Wellness Center, the entire event is set up around that classic fall produce: the pumpkin. “The whole thing is set up around using pumpkin as an ingredient, and substituting standard white sugar for something natural like coconut sugar, maple syrup, or honey.”

There are still slots open for the cookie bake off, and this event is sure to have a lot to offer, especially for those of us with a sweet tooth! The Festival will take place Saturday, October 22 at 4pm in Williamson. For more info, keep your eyes on the Facebook event page!

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