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Favorite Christmas Movie?

Kicking Back with Our Favorite #ChristmasMovies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with that comes some of the most wonderful movies! Whether they’re live-action or animated, classic or newer, mainstream or quirky, watching some movies with your loved ones can be a great way to spend some time together in between festivities. 

From It’s A Wonderful Life and The Santa Clause to A Charlie Brown Christmas, there are plenty of options when you’re kicking back to watch a Christmas special. Folks in Williamson have a variety of favorites, and we’ve collected them just in time to pull up Netflix and get out the DVDs. 

Local teen Brooklynn Rose has a handful of favorites she always enjoys. “The first Home Alone movie was always my fave!” She says. “I also like the live action Grinch and the Nutcracker edition of Tom and Jerry.” 

Haley Chambers also has a couple favorites. “Mine are A Christmas Carol and The Christmas Card,” She says. Meanwhile, Jamie Wellman has a unique favorite. “It’s an odd one, but mine is Edward Scissorhands,” She says. “Most people don’t see it as a Christmas movie, but it’s always been my favorite!” 

Whether you like the classics or something a little less well-known, we hope you enjoy some festive viewings with your families this Christmas! 

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