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February 13th is for Friendships!

Celebrating Your Friendships

For years, celebrating Valentine’s Day has been a beautiful way to celebrate your love. Some people like to take the opportunity on Valentine’s Day to pay attention to all the love in their lives, not just the romance. Other folks are looking for an alternative entirely, one that lets them put the focus on their best female friends and take the focus off of romance. If that sounds like you, that’s cool– let us introduce you to Galentine’s Day!

Since 2010, when an episode of the sitcom Parks & Recreation aired and coined the concept, Galentine’s Day has been the day of choice for ladies looking to celebrate their friendships. (Disclaimer: Galentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be for, well, gals! Anyone who wants to celebrate their besties can and should take the day as the chance to do so!)

Want to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your best friends? There are plenty of ways to do so! The obvious way is to have a friend-date– get your gal pal some flowers or her favorite chocolate, and get together for a tasty dinner and a romantic comedy. Of course, there’s no shame if that’s not your thing– pick a hobby or interest you both share, and dedicate the day to sharing it. Go hiking (there’s certainly no shortage of beautiful locations here in Mingo County), grab a coffee, or just spend the day in each other’s company.

If you want to stay in keeping with the spirit of Parks & Rec, Galentine’s Day was originally proposed as a brunch day– and what’s better than spending the morning with your gals, enjoying a delicious spread?

Galentine’s Day is every February 13, and while it’s not yet an official holiday, it’s rising in popularity. What do you think– will you and your girls join in on the fun?

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