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#Fitness: Dance Fitness with Gee

For years, Eugenia “Gee” Dotson-Whitt had dreams of teaching a workout class, but, as she puts it, she simply “never had the time or money to start a place.” She did a handful of classes for free with coworkers, and did some substitute classes for other teachers, until finally, her friend Melissa Sanger suggested that she ask the women of the Downtown Yoga Studio in Williamson about teaching some classes in the studio.

It took a little encouragement from her friends and family, but finally she reached out to yoga studio owner/instructor Heather Wolford and studio yoga instructor Chris Dotson, who “welcomed her with open arms.” Finally, Dance Fitness with Gee was ready to go!

“When People are Active, They Feel Better”

DFWG is primarily “a cardio workout”, and is supplemented by light weights and core training. Each one hour class is $5, with the exception of the first class, which is free. Classes are taught in the Downtown Yoga Studio space in downtown Williamson on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings each week. Gee feels classes like hers helps people feel better. “I feel when people are regularly active, they generally feel better,” she says. “They are healthier, happier, they become more confident and positive.”

For her, coming together to work towards the same thing– in this case, staying healthy– helps to create a stronger community. “When you have people with similar goals coming together to encourage and support each other, it builds a healthier and stronger community.”

Want to be a part of a strong, healthy community like the ones Eugenia describes? Check out Dance Fitness with Gee on Facebook.

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