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Frank O’Brien Memorial 8K

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Runners in the Williamson area will remember an important friend on Saturday, September 21 at the Frank O’Brien Memorial 8K Run. Frank was an important part of Williamson races when he joined the running community. “Frank was instrumental when he started doing the races,” says Alexis Batausa, President of the Tug Valley Road Runners Club (TVRRC).

Changes to the Race

The race has changed over the years. In the beginning, there was a 4-mile run to memorialize Frank, and in 2011, this transitioned into the Frank O’Brien 5K. The club has experimented with different distances since the 5K began. They’ve also hosted a 10K and included a 1-mile walk in his memory, but the 8K and accompanying 2-mile walk are their most successful events.

Runners and walkers will start at the floodwall in West Williamson, and finish close by, at the Old Armory building. The race is a part of the Tug Valley Road Runners Race series. Participants in the series will run 3 different races to receive special medals and a shirt. The 8K also takes place during an exciting time in Williamson: the King Coal Festival.

Honoring a Friend

Alexis and TVRRC are enthusiastic about honoring Frank this year. “We are looking forward to this year’s race,” says Alexis. “Especially honoring Frank and his family, (who) come in every year during the King Coal Festival.” Registration for the Frank O’Brien Memorial 8K and 2 Mile Walk is open until Noon on September 21th, 2019 -- visit here to learn more.

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