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Freedom Fest: A Community Celebration

The 4th of July is a major celebration in any community, and Freedom Fest is the perfect example of celebrating Independence Day in style!

Freedom Fest is a daylong event on July 3rd at the South Side Mall in South Williamson full of vendors, food, music, and of course fireworks.

Be prepared for a full day of shopping at the mall with a wide range of vendors from Paparazzi to Pampered Chef and more! You can even stop by Red, White, and Kaboom firework stand to put on a fun, safe firework display at home. Vendors and sidewalk sales will begin at 10:00 am.

There will also be live music. This year’s event will feature local jazz band The Jaguars inside with a unique range of independent artists on the outside stage. You can catch these performances starting at 5:30 pm.

The evening will also be full of great food options for the crowd. Local businesses like Smoking Pit BBQ will be set up outside to provide yet another food option besides some of the amazing restaurants around the mall. Still hungry? Stop by Antionella Concessions for carnival foods ranging from funnel cakes and deep-fried Oreos to sandwiches. If the kids are getting tired of the heat, be sure to cool them down with some shaved ice from Tropical Snow or calm them with an awesome face painting!

The star of the evening is the annual Thunder in the Valley Fireworks Show hosted by the Belfry Volunteer Fire Department starting at 10:05 pm. After 38 years, the display has become a community tradition. People line up and down the sides of the highway and in any open parking spot they can find to try to get a decent view of the show. If you’re at Freedom Fest, you are guaranteed one of the best views in town!

When asked about the importance of the event, Sheryle Sullivan, South Side Mall manager, said, “This has grown into such a huge event for our community. I feel it’s a chance to unite our community, creating a fun day we can all enjoy. The Belfry Volunteer Fire Department does an excellent job with the Fireworks every year. We’ve tried to extend the event into an all-day affair & provide the evening crowd with the opportunity to find a good place to park & have food, shopping & entertainment while they wait for the Fireworks. We’d love to invite everyone to South Side Mall for the 2019 Freedom Fest & Thunder in the Valley Fireworks Show!”

Everyone knows the mall hill has always been the best place to celebrate the 4th of July, and an event just goes to show how true that statement it. Aside from the perfect view of the fireworks show, this event allows our community to showcase the unique businesses and talents of our area. Come out and be a part of this amazing event!

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