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Fundraiser: Quackin' Down the Creek

Looking to contribute to a local cause while keeping a smile on your face? Then, you'll want to come out to the Belfry Volunteer Fire Department on August 28th for Quackin’ Down the Creek! This event was started by Brook Pinson and Andrea Worley to raise money for the Belfry/Bevins Youth League Cheerleaders, this event will see participants come together to sponsor a racing rubber ducky, enjoy carnival games, food, and lots of fun!

Sponsoring a duckie will cost $5 per duck, or $20 for 5. Prizes will be awarded, including a first place prize of $250.Ducks will launch at 6:00pm. Face painting and cotton candy will also be available.

“Quackin’ Down the Creek came about while we were looking for prizes for a dance,” Brook says. “The kids love the games as much as the dancing, and we saw the rubber ducks and thought a race would be fun.” The idea blossomed from there, as they found plenty of ideas online.

Bringing Smiles to the Area

“We figure the games will be our favorite thing,” Brook says. “Getting to watch the kids win prizes, and their faces light up with smiles.” They’re also excited to bring a little light to the community. “It’s a super fun way to bring our area together for a good cause. “Events like this help our area through supporting our children, and allows families to come out and have fun while supporting other families in the area.”

To sponsor a duckie and learn more about this event, check out the Facebook page!

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