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Happy New Year!

Williamson, WV

For people all over the world, the new year is a time to improve yourself and your life. The community of Williamson is no exception.

A Year to Remember

One popular resolution for folks in Williamson is to be happier in 2019 than ever before. Alexis Batausa, the president of the local running club, wants to “take all the negativity out” and make 2019 a year to remember. Okey Newsome, a case manager with New Beginnings of West Virginia, said that while he didn’t plan to make any strict resolutions, he wanted to make positive changes in his professional and personal life.

New Year in Williamson WV

Confidence is Key

For some, self-improvement is the key to happiness in 2019. Donald Salmons, a student working part-time at the Southside Mall, said that he would like to focus on himself and “explore the possibilities that life has to offer.” Carla Bowman, another student in the area, aims to be more positive and self-confident in the new year.

Kindness Matters

For others, 2019 is about treating people with kindness. Vicky Evans, the English instructor at the local community college, wants to make her year all about helping others. “I don’t want a day to pass that I haven’t made someone’s life better. A smile, a gesture, an action that is sincere and meaningful.”

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