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#HealthyRecipe: Mexican Street Corn

There’s nothing like fresh seasonal produce to really make you appreciate summertime and nothing says summer like delicious corn on the cob! Corn is one of the most popular vegetables out there, and with good reason. It’s packed with vitamin C and carotenoids, which can reduce the risk of eye diseases. It can also help to prevent constipation and manage diabetes. Without further ado, check out this Mexican Street Corn recipe shared by Williamson Farmers Market Nutrition and Marketing Manager Kristin DeBoard via Sunday Supper Movement.


4 corn on the cob, shucked

⅓ cup of sour cream

⅓ cup of mayonnaise

1 clove of garlic, crushed

Zest from 1 lime

¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped

½ cup of cotija cheese

Chili powder


Lime wedges


Start by combining the sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, lime zest, cilantro, and paprika to make a Mexican Crema Dressing. Grill corn without husks on high heat for around 10 minutes, until the corn begins to char. Turn regularly. Remove from the grill, and brush with the crema dressing. Sprinkle it with cilantro, cheese, and lime juice, and serve.

This recipe would go great with classic burgers (beef, turkey, or veggie!), or you could call it a taco night, and pair it with some healthy tacos and salsa. No matter how you serve it, this is a great plant-forward recipe that doesn’t skimp on the deliciousness!

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