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Heavenly Harvest: Friendship Garden

“Virgie McCoy, Marjorie Maynard, Sandy Moore, and I have been life-long best friends,” says Vicky Evans when asked about her friendship with Virgie, Marjorie, and Sandy. The four women are proud to be from the Tug Valley area, and love getting their hands into any of the activities the community has to offer, which is part of how they began keeping a community garden together at Ramella Community Gardens in East Williamson.

Perfect for A Group of Friends

“Virgie saw the notice for the Ramella Community Garden first, and she knew it was something her group of friends would love,” Vicky says. The group immediately reserved a plot for themselves, and started to work on their space. “As strong Appalachian women, we grew up with parents who provided for their families with gardens, and it was a legacy we loved,” Vicky says. “It was pure joy to choose plants and even decorate our little piece of ground!”

The women call their garden “Heavenly Harvest”. They are growing lettuce, peas, carrots, cabbage, and onions, and once the risk of frost has passed, they will add tomatoes and other fragile plants. “It’s our dream to obtain an even bigger plot next season, and grow things to sell at the Williamson Farmers Market,” Vicky says. “Having healthy food for us, and extras to sell would be wonderful!”

When asked their favorite thing about keeping the garden together, Virgie says it best, according to Vicky. “The wonderful bounty of fresh vegetables and the fellowship of good friends.”

If you're interested in more information on renting a garden space at Ramella Gardens, contact the Williamson Farmers Market at 304-235-3400.

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