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Herbal Remedies Class with Williamson Farmers Market

#NaturalRemedies With the Williamson Farmers Market 

The Williamson Farmers Market is all about promoting “natural and whole foods,” says Kristin Brewer DeBoard. “So using food as medicine is something we talk about often.” All these conversations led to a new event: the Herbal Remedy Series. 

The remedies they discuss will be “older practices that use foods with healing properties to help the body function at its best, and give some support during the winter months,” Kristin says. “We will make elderberry syrup, fire cider, and turmeric tea.” 

Elderberry syrup can be used daily to build up your immune system, as well as taken while sick to potentially promote recovery. Fire Cider has similar uses, while turmeric tea has plenty of anti-inflammation properties. 

Kristin and the other folks at the Farmers Market plan for this to be the first of a series, with more remedies to come later. “We would like to talk about salves that use herbs like comfrey, vinegars that are infused with other beneficial herbs, and who knows what else– but it will all be for health benefits.” 

Kristin hopes that this event will “empower the community to take charge of their health,” as well as encouraging folks to focus on preventive care while using ingredients “as old as time.” 

The Herbal Remedies series will kick off at Post 49 Market in Williamson, on Monday, November 27 at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased here for $45, which covers the cost of all materials. 

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