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History, Mystery, and a Whole Lotta Trail Riding Fun!

Trail Riding, History Lesson, and a Game- What a Combo!

If you’re ready for a Saturday adventure on the ATV trails that involves local history, puzzle solving, prize winning, and amazing views, then you need to read more about the Hatfield-McCoy Historic Poker Run and Mystery Game being hosted by Trail 10 House and ATV Tours! Trail 10 co-owner, Heather New, describes the tour as being “a trail ride across 2 trail systems and several local trails, a history lesson, and a fun game with a killer prize at the end!”

On Saturday, August 29th, Trail 10 House and ATV Tours, will take a maximum of 15 riders across 5 historic locations in the area, including the site of the Matewan Massacre and sites from the Hatfield-McCoy feud. This fun adventure will begin in Williamson, WV at 9am and will cover 70-80 miles roundtrip, from Williamson to Matewan and back. In addition to seeing the historical sites, they plan to hit some mountain-top views as well, so nature lovers and aspiring photographers will be in for a treat!

Bringing Out Folks’ Inner Kids

While visiting the sites, participants will also solve a clue or riddle, and choose 1 random poker card. Whoever has the best 5 card hand at the end of the day wins an Android mirror for their machine. Heather describes it as “basically an entire android computer inside of your rear view mirror”, and it will be able to access wifi, take video, and access and use your phone.

They’ve done a few poker runs in the past, and, according to Heather, it was a pretty big hit. The runs always seem to bring out riders’ inner kids, she says. “The riddles are fun, people giggle like kids. We try to get people to play and explore again like when you’re young.”

The poker run isn’t the only exciting thing in Trail 10’s future-- the owners are also opening a new location in Matewan: the Historic Matewan Massacre Inn, where they’ll offer paranormal overnights as well as trail riding events. Stay tuned for more information!

To get all the details and registration information for the Hatfield-McCoy Historic Poker Run Mystery Game, check out Trail 10 House and ATV Tours Facebook page!

All photos provided by Trail 10 House and ATV Tours

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