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Hop Over to the Easter Egg Hunt!

#HappyEaster from the MingoFamily Support Center: A Community Egg Hunt 

Cody Justice and the rest of the staff at the Mingo County Family Support Center have made it a goal to offer  free community events on a monthly basis. Given that the first weekend of April brings Easter with it, a community egg hunt seemed like the perfect idea! 

A Perfect Event for This Time of Year 

“It’s spring, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, everything feels fresh…it’s a time to celebrate!” Cody says. “And Easter happens to be one of my favorite holidays.” To kick off Easter and spring, the Family Support Center has partnered with several churches and organizations in the area to offer lots of different activities to those attending.  Also, Healthy in the Hills will be providing an obstacle course, and the Williamson Farmers Market will offer an interactive healthy snack. A variety of snacks, activities, and more will be available, not to mention the star of the day: the Easter egg hunt! 

The egg hunt will be open to kids age 1 to the 8th grade, and this will be divided into age categories. The event will be completely free, with no prior registration necessary– participants can simply show up and sign in at the door. This event will be hosted in the Williamson Field House in order to prevent any restrictions on account of weather. “We don’t want to hinder any kids from being able to come,” Cody says. It’s also important to note that everyone will be eligible for a free lunch, which they will redeem using a ticket they’re given upon entry. 

Creating a Sense of Community and Support in Williamson 

Cody is excited to help support a sense of community in the area, and thinks that bringing together so many organizations and churches shows “a willingness to work together for the greater good,” He says. “We may all have our differences, and that’s okay because we are all unique, but we really are able to rally around a good cause: in this case, the kids. “I hope by providing more free events in the future, we can create a safe, caring environment and community for our kids,” Cody says. “These kids will know who the people are who care, and who they can come to when they need help. And by providing these positive activities, it replaces any negative activities that kids may be involved in.” 

If you’d like to bring your kids out for a day of springtime fun, including an egg hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny, be sure to come by the historic Williamson Field House on April 1 at 11am! Visit the Facebook event page for more details and any important updates. 

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