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I Can 2: Anything is Possible When You Use Your Imagination!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein reported if you want to boost your child’s IQ, let them use their imagination! This will help the child become a creative thinker and a good learner. Heather Wolford is a believer in this school of thought.

What is I Can 2?

Heather has many different roles she plays in her life, but her role as a mom helped inspire her new program called I Can 2. This is a children’s program aimed at allowing the kids in our communities to use their imagination.

“I Can 2 was started to give children free events where they can play, create, and use their imagination. We base the activities on what children want to do -- from reading and art to building and astronomy,” says Heather.

Pete the Cat

The “face” of I Can 2 is Pete the Cat. If you’re not familiar with Pete the Cat, he is a cartoon car featured in a New York Times Bestselling Children’s book series.

Heather explains, “Our first event with Pete the Cat was based on my son, William, and his love of Pete the Cat books.”

All Photos provided by I Can 2

Before getting started, Heather contacted the author of the Pete the Cat series, Eric Litwin. He gave Heather his blessing to use his beloved character for the local children. After that, the books came to life with an event at Southern West Virginia Community College. Children came to enjoy an afternoon of creative activities, book readings, snacks, and fun with Pete.

It Takes a Village

As with anything, it takes a dedicated group to make things happen. Heather credits her partner Will Duty and several other friends who want to see more opportunities in the area for youth, with helping to organize and host these events. Currently, the group is working to make I Can 2 a registered non-profit organization to help the program grow and really take off.

“Ultimately, my hope is to provide children, among us, a fun experience of learning and fellowship and to teach them to believe anything is possible,” Heather says.

All Photos Provided by I Can 2

Ready to Get Creative?

I Can 2 will be hosting an arts table during the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce Christmas Market set for Saturday, November 30th in Williamson. After that, you can find the team at the South Side Mall during Breakfast with Santa and the Grinch at 10 a.m. on Saturday, December 14th.

For more information, follow the I Can 2 Facebook page.

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