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Images of the Tug Valley 2021 Scenic Calendar

The Tug Valley region is well-known for the beautiful scenery throughout the area. Anyone interested in nature photography will find plenty of inspiration among the hills and forests. Randall Sanger, the Executive Director of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce was inspired by the beauty in the region to create a 2021 calendar featuring images from local photographers. Randall also felt that in light of the recent struggles so many have faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be nice to “give folks something to look forward to.”

Showcasing Local Scenery

Chris Dotson, the president of the Chamber of Commerce was excited by the idea. “Not only does it showcase the talents of local photographers, it’s also a way for us to tell the story of the Tug Valley through photographs of our beautiful area.”

Mary Reed Runyon, one of the photographers whose work is featured in the calendar agrees. “I love our area so much. I wanted folks to notice all the beautiful places we have around here, and hope that they will appreciate its beauty as much as I do.”

Randall is a local photographer, and in his 2020 calendar, he included some of his local images that were popular. Inspired by their popularity, he liked the idea of compiling a calendar full of images from throughout the region. “I also simply wanted to showcase the beauty of our region. We sometimes take it for granted or don’t even notice the scenic beauty of our area, and the calendar is a way to brag a little about the beauty of home.”

Randall didn’t want to make the calendar entirely from his own work, so he chose to showcase the works of other local photographers as well. “I wanted people to realize that our region is full of artistic talent and this is just a very small sampling of the talent available here.”

For Wes Wilson, another local photographer featured in the calendar, it was a great chance to connect with fellow members of the Chamber of Commerce to work together as one. “To be able to have my work featured alongside some of our area’s greatest photographers showcasing the true beauty of the Tug Valley area is a true honor!” Wes adds.

“We are blessed to live in such a beautiful area. I love sharing the breathtaking images that I am able to capture of this beautiful place I call home,” says featured photographer Ray Justice.

The folks at the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce hope that the calendar will become a yearly staple. “Hopefully, this will become an annual offering,” Chris says.

The Images of the Tug Valley 2021 Scenic Calendar is available for purchase now. You can purchase through the online Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce shop or stop in the Coal House to pick one up. If you’re interested in buying the calendar in bulk quantity of 12 or more a 20% discount is provided.

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