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Is Bigfoot a Local? Join the Bigfoot Expedition and You Can Decide!

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Recently, rumors of Bigfoot sightings in our area have been floating around on social media and discussed over Sunday dinner tables. It’s time to do your own research and try to track down Bigfoot in Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky.

Bigfoot & The Mountain Man

On March 12th and 13th, Sport Outfitters of Borderland, West Virginia will be hosting a Bigfoot Expedition Tour. Along with their own tour guides, they will be joined by Mountain Man James Thomason from Georgia. The Mountain Man is a real-deal Bigfoot tracker and he’s been in the area gathering evidence to support claims that Bigfoot isn't just real, but he’s a local. You can watch a video he recently posted on his Facebook page explaining a little more about this upcoming expedition. Now that he has teamed up with Sport Outfitters, he’s ready to share some information with riders during the Bigfoot Expedition Tour.

Chance Davis of Sport Outfitters tells us this will be a two-day event. The cost is $50.00 per day, per machine. Riders will meet up at the Sport Outfitter Cabins beginning around 8:30am, and they’ll be ready to roll out at 9:00am.

According to Chance, on March 12th, the tour will be mainly on the Kentucky outlaw trails side. The Mountain Man will educate the group on where he’s found footprints and other clues and evidence of where Bigfoot has been or might still be living. On March 13th, the ride will concentrate more on the West Virginia side of the river, including both Hatfield-McCoy trails and outlaw trails. The Mountain Man will provide more sighting information along the way and you’ll be able to find out if Bigfoot might be what you hear rustling in the woods at night.

At the end of the rides, riders will gather back at the Sport Outfitter cabins. As an added option, PawPaw Pat's BBQ of Williamson, West Virginia will have their smoker setup and food ready for anyone wanting to buy a dinner and sit around discussing their Bigfoot stories and theories.

Chance says they’re really excited about offering this new adventure to visitors and locals. ” The Mountain Man, James Thomason, owns Mountain Man Beard Products and my dad, Jeff, met him a few years ago at Trailfest. With me and my brother, Payton, being bearded guys we ended up being in touch with him through the beard company. They’ve been to Sport Outfitters to stay and now, we’re able to work together on this event.”

Reserve Your Spot

This event isn’t just for visitors or those staying at the cabins. This is for locals to enjoy, too.

“We don’t break the bank with our tours,” notes Chance. “We keep it affordable for people to get out and enjoy the trails. If you have a vehicle that allows 5-6 riders, you’re looking at $10.00 or less per person to cover your machine ticket fee.”

Okay, are you ready to join the Bigfoot Expedition Tour? Spots are limited for this ride, so reserve yours now! To save your spot, call Chance Davis of Sport Outfitters at 304-443-2798. You can also email at

When you go, have your camera ready! It wouldn’t be a surprise to us if Bigfoot made his home right here in our beautiful mountains!

For more information on Sport Outfitters you can find them at or on Facebook.

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