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It's Seed Swap Time!

It’s almost springtime, and you know what that means– gardening season! Over the last few years, the Williamson Farmers Market has brought growers throughout the area together for the annual Seed Swap, and it’s almost that time again!

Annual Tradition

Before the Seed Swap began, growers with the Williamson Farmers Market came together annually to share seeds with one another, and in the previous 7 years, it’s become an official, annual event. Folks can come out and bring their own seeds to swap with other growers and gardeners in the area, or come and shop for seeds.

For those who don’t need any seeds, there is still plenty to do. The event will feature a variety of local vendors and a chance to grab coffee and breakfast with Triple C’s Coffee Truck! Additionally, three different workshops will be hosted: backyard butchering for chickens, gardening as therapy, and composting.

Want to check out the Seed Swap? It will be Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 9 am at the Williamson Farmers Market location on 3rd Avenue in downtown Williamson. Check out the Facebook page for more information!


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