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It's the Christmas Eve Eve Run/Walk!

Looking for one more run before Christmas? The Christmas Eve Eve Free Group Run/Walk on December 20th is what you’re looking for! The Christmas Eve Eve Run became an official Tug Valley Road Runners Club run in 2018, but technically, it’s been going on way longer than that!

Spending Time with Family and Friends

“Okay, so the run began with my daughter, Meghan, way back in 2012,” says Tondra Elkins, a member of TVRRC. “I had just started running early that year. Meghan was already a runner, and encouraged me to do the same.” That Christmas Eve, Meghan and our friend Pam Crum went for a run. “I couldn’t be convinced, because someone had to do the cooking. They had a great time, and, of course, I was a little jealous. I told myself that I would not miss that time with my girls ever again!”

Spreading Holiday Cheer

It became a tradition to run on Christmas Eve Eve, so that none of them had to miss it to prepare for Christmas. At first, it was just Tondra and her daughters, Meghan and Taylor. The trio would sing Christmas songs and run by businesses to try and spread some joy. Others noticed, and wanted in on their celebration. “More and more people wanted to participate,” she says.

Two years ago, Alexis Batausa with the TVRRC approached her to make it officially a part of their annual holiday series, and Tondra said “of course!” This year will be the third consecutive year for the run with the TVRRC, and the eighth consecutive year since Meghan thought of it. Tondra says she looks forward to it every year!

This year, the race will feature 3 routes: a 1 mile walk, 3 a mile run, and a 5 mile run. Tondra explains, “The three mile incorporates the mile walk with two additional miles into Williamson, and the 5 miles incorporates the three miles, just adding a couple loops. I chose this route because it’s the route we run often, and we like to run by businesses and homes to spread Christmas joy.”

Tondra loves seeing the joy she’s shared. “I try to live by the motto ‘be the blessing’, but I’m really the one being blessed! It fills my heart to see people being active and happy!” This year, the Christmas Eve Eve Run will be on Sunday, December 20th. If you plan to participate, meet the group at the Williamson Field House in West Williamson no later than 1:45pm. The run will begin at 2pm. For more event details checkout the event page. Check out the TVRRC Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all of the activities and races they offer!

Photo Provided by Tondra Elkins

Pictured Left to Right: Meghan Elkins, Tondra Elkins, Taylor Elkins, and Pam Crum

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