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Jr. Chef Winter Session

Kids around Williamson will have a chance to make a classic Italian dessert this Christmas. Kristin DeBoard, who teaches the Jr. Chef cooking classes, will be teaching kids how to make Pizzelles, an Italian cookie popular during the Christmas season. Pizzelles are thin, wafer-like cookies made with an iron resembling a waffle iron.

Trying New Things

DeBoard has been teaching the monthly classes, which are sponsored by the Williamson Farmer’s Market, since 2018. When preparing the recipes she’ll be covering, Kristin typically tries to pick something the kids might not know about. “It’s my theme,” She says. “Doing something people don’t do every day. Most people don’t even know what a Pizzelle is.”

Tasty Holiday Snacks

Since the classes typically occur on a monthly basis, Kristin often “themes” the classes around close-by holidays. Past classes have included shepherds pie and sugar plums for Christmas and a healthy King-Cake for Mardi Gras. She also chooses healthy recipes to teach the kids about nutrition and picked the Pizzelle cookies to offer kids a healthier dessert for the holiday season.

The Jr. Chef Winter Session will be on December 7th. Kristin caps the classes at 15 students, but there are still spots available. To learn more about the Jr. Chef Winter Session, visit the Facebook page. Visit here to read more about some recent Jr. Chef classes.

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