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Jr. Iron Chef Competition: The Winner

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Iron Chef? Some kids in our area recently had a chance to get an idea of what it’s like to compete in this cooking challenge! The Williamson Farmers Market team presented their first Jr. Iron Chef Competition on Thursday, January 9th at the Event Center in Delbarton. Here’s the dish on the competition!

The Task

Kristen Deboard, Marketing and Nutrition Manager for Williamson Health and Wellness Center organized the fast-paced, action-packed cooking challenge for participants. The cooking challenge: Create your own pizza from scratch.

“The Jr. Chefs were challenged to make their pizza using the unique ingredients of chicken sausage, applewood smoked gouda cheese, red onions, and green apples,” says Kristen.

Three area Jr. Chefs rose to the challenge. Griffin Beckett, Abby Collier, and Payton Moore. After a cooking presentation by Jr. Chef All-Star Randon Harrison, the competitors were ready to throw down.

Judges Debbie Young, Co-Owner and Chef of 34: Ate, Daniel Sizemore, Pro-Start Career and Technical Education Instructor-Culinary at Mingo Central High School, and Chad Webb, local food critic were presented with the task of determining who would be the winner.

Photos submitted by Lisa Sutters and the Williamson Farmers Market

And the winner is…

While the entries were all deemed delicious and each chef showed impressive culinary skills, only one could be the winner. With Griffin Beckett and Payton Moore tying for 2nd place, Abby Collier took the 1st place spot and was named Jr. Iron Chef!

After the competition, we had a chance to get some thoughts from the winner. Abby tells us she wanted to join the competition because she loves to cook and try new recipes. She said the competition was difficult! This was Abby’s first time making something from scratch by herself. It was also the first time she’s cooked when time was a factor.

Abby says, “I’m really proud of myself for winning because I was up against some good cooks!”

Congratulations to Abby, Griffin, and Payton for taking the Jr. Iron Chef Challenge! Don’t forget to give an extra congrats and hi-five to Abby for her win!

If you’re interested in more information on events and cooking classes offered by the Williamson Farmers Market, follow their Facebook page here!

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