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Legacy Elite Wins!

Not long ago, Tara Ellis wanted to take the chance to bring her passion for cheer and tumbling to kids in the area, and opened Legacy Elite All Stars and Tumbling. Now, not even a year later, she’s brought her kids to the Allstar World Championship in Orlando, Florida and won!

Legacy Elite won a bid to compete during a competition they attended earlier this year. The championship is considered a year-end event, and you must earn a bid during your season to attend, says Tara. “Over 500 teams attended with all categories, from tiny mini-youth to senior levels,” she says. “Levels range from 1-5 based on skill level, and the other is based on age.”

A Dream Come True

Tara and her students at Legacy Elite were thrilled to be invited to the world championship. “It’s an honor to be invited,” she says. “It’s what you work for all year. It’s the biggest stage and event of the year.”

The kids at Legacy Elite didn’t just get invited-- they crushed it! The Lady Legacy Coed, their senior 4 open coed team won the world championship in their division, and their junior 2 team also competed.

An achievement like this seems almost like an impossible dream to the group. Tara says. “It being our first year, these accomplishments almost seemed impossible, but we trained hard, and all that hard work paid off. It’s a dream come true.”

Want to learn more about Legacy Elite All Stars and Tumbling? Check out their Facebook page, where you can read more about their accomplishments, or find out how to get your child registered with them.

Photos provided by Tara Ellis

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