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Let the Battle Begin!

Williamson Parks and Recreation Executive Director Jarrod Dean and the rest of the parks and rec board and staff wanted to put the spotlight on the emergency services personnel of Williamson, all while giving folks in town something fun to do. That’s how the Emergency Services Basketball Battle Game was created.

A Healthy Rivalry

“The Emergency Services Basketball game is a game to showcase the battle between fire and police in a showdown for the battle title,” Jarrod says. “We wanted to give the public a great game that they can enjoy and bring some entertainment to them.” The event isn’t just about a good time, though. It’ll also be a fundraiser for Williamson parks and rec, Williamson Fire Department, and Williamson Police Department. The Sheriff's office will also be there collecting donations for their shop with a deputy project.

Jarrod got the idea when he noticed police and fire department members coming to the Williamson Fieldhouse during the evenings to play some pick-up basketball. “I met with both chiefs, and asked how they’d like to have a real battle, and so the idea was born.” This idea has been in the works since last year, but unfortunately, COVID-19 put a damper on things until now.

A commemorative t-shirt will be available at the event, and Jarrod is excited to share that there will be some “interesting new things” at the event.

Jarrod is excited about what this event represents for the area and their organizations. “I am excited about this event because it brings all three organizations together, and shows how we can work together,” he says. “I also think this is a great way for businesses and individuals to show their support for the emergency services and the parks.”

If you want to catch this showdown for the ages in person, it’ll be at the Williamson Fieldhouse on December 11, 2021 at 7pm. Admission is $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for kids. Don’t miss it!

Follow the Williamson Parks and Recreation Facebook page for upcoming events.

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