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Local Character: Alexis Batausa

Making Williamson a Healthier Place

Alexis Batausa is working to make Williamson a healthier place. In town, he’s best known as the president of the Tug Valley Road Runners Club (TVRRC), a position he’s held for more than three years, though he’s been running since 2008. “Through my journey, I’ve seen a lot that contributed to me being more health-conscious and to be a better person. I suffered through weight gain, depression, finding myself, and both of my parents suffering from health problems and losing them. Running has been my everything and has saved my life…it keeps me going.”

As the president of the TVRRC, Alexis organizes their monthly themed 5Ks, which include the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon and the Conquer the Wall Challenge. He hopes that everything they do encourages people in town to live a healthy life. “We hope everything continues to give people in our communities a chance to participate or take their first step."

Alexis has also been the active living director at Williamson Health and Wellness Center since fall 2012. He helps to promote different walking programs in town and works with kids in local schools to promote healthy living. He started by volunteering to help promote active living before being promoted.

Williamson is Home

When he’s not working for TVRRC or the Health and Wellness Center, Alexis volunteers for the Williamson Farmer’s Market. He spends his free time with his family and friends and loves traveling. Though for him, Williamson will always be where he belongs. “It’s home,” He says. “It’s where I grew up, it means everything to me: family, friends, and community!”

To learn more about Alexis and his involvement with the Tug Valley Road Runners Club, visit here.

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