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Local Youth Spotlight: Making Williamson a Little Brighter

Art in unexpected places is having a moment in Williamson.If you want proof, check out the work local high schoolers MicKah Steele and Camron Stafford have been doing around town. They’re painting pigs! No, not live pigs-pig statues.

Finding a Passion for Art

Mickah, a sophomore at Belfry High School, says that she found her love of art through art classes. “I found my love of painting through Autumn Chapman’s art class. She has taught me everything I know about art,” she says. In addition to her work on the cement pigs, MicKah also paints and sells door hangers inspired by some she saw on Pinterest. “I love crafting and painting, so normally Pinterest is my go-to,” she says. “I saw a couple of ideas on there I wanted to try so I ordered wood cutouts, painted them, and posted them in a Facebook group to see who would be interested, and a lot of people were, so I started customizing them for people to order!”

Making the Town A Little Bit Brighter

MicKah began painting the pigs when the owner of a new business DMK Sweets and Coffee House in Williamson got in touch with her. “I looked up some ideas for painting them and took on the challenge, “ says MicKah. After painting two coffee and sweets-themed pigs for DMK, she also painted the pig for Starter's Sports Bar & Grilll. “For the pig in front of Starter’s, I went with a more sporty theme given the name. I thought a sports jersey with their logo would be the perfect fit,” MicKah says.

While the pigs are based on MicKah’s ideas and planning, she’s not alone when she paints them. Her boyfriend, Camron Stafford, is happy to come along and help her. “I came along to help MicKah and give good moral support. I did enjoy helping her make the town a little bit brighter,” he says

While MicKah is not currently painting any new pigs, she’s enthusiastic about the idea of doing more. “I would love to have the opportunity to paint another one!”

If you’re ready to give your cement pig a makeover, let MicKah know!!

Photos from DMK Sweets and Coffee House located at 108 Pike St. Williamson, WV

and Starter's Sports Bar and Grill located at 116 E. 2nd Ave., Williamson, WV

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