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#LocalArtist: Art by Debra McClanahan

Everyone needs at least one piece of art in their home. There are plenty of lovely pieces to be

found at the big box stores in the decorating aisle, but those lack the touch of a human hand, and there are hundreds more where just one came from. If you’re looking to add some art to your home, buying from an artist is the way to go– even better if they’re local. That’s where Debra McClanahan comes in. She is a local painter and sculptor who recently began selling her work in The Collective Retail and Artisan Shops in downtown Williamson.

“I create everything I envision,” She says. “ranging from wreaths to lighted art, but I’m mainly known for wire tree sculptures and abstract paintings.”

Inspired by Love

Before she was an artist, she was working on a Masters in Health Science with a concentration in cancer cell biology. “It was through this research that I had an epiphany which led to my book, Jesus: the Tree of Life.” She describes her work as a combination of this epiphany and her love for the world and God. When asked what drove her into painting, she responds: “Love inspired my creative passion.”

She originally started selling her work in the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and then the opportunity to open a small shop in The Collective presented itself. So far, her favorite part of selling in The Collective is the “ambience” and the people she gets to meet.

When asked what her favorite thing about being an artist is, Debra struggles to pick just one thing. “There’s never just one favorite thing,” She says. “I love to have an idea and make it come to light. I love the potential in each piece, what each piece will inspire…the future thoughts and emotions in those who see the art.”

Whether you’re looking for a new piece to display at home, or you just want to take a look at the hard work of a local artist, stop by The Collective to see Debra’s work. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite artist!

Photos of Debra's work from The Collective Facebook page

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