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#LocalAuthor: Donise Sheppard

Donise Sheppard has been an avid reader all her life, so it’s no surprise that these days she’s writing books of her own. She’s been writing for twelve years, and in that time, has published an astonishing 22 novels and short stories– with a 23rd on the way!

Writing What She Loves

When it comes to writing, she sticks to those genres she loves best. “I just write what I like to read,” She says. “I grew up reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, so I just love fantasy.” As for why she also writes horror and romance? “I’ve always been fascinated by a good creepy ghost story, and I’ve always been a hopeless romantic as long as I can remember.”

She’s always enjoyed putting stories together. “I remember being ten and looking at my grandma’s Ty Wilson paintings, and imagining the love stories that went along with them,” She says.

Her most recent publication is Christmas in Bells, a “small town, faith based romance.” Prior to that, she released an anthology of short fiction entitled Dark Descending, full of spooky horror stories.

More than an Author

In addition to being an author, she is also an editor, offering both copyediting and proofreading services. According to Donise, the difference between the two lies in what they focus on, and when they occur in the process. “Copyediting is done before proofreading, and my job is to look for punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors, as well as improper word usage and ambiguous sentences.” As a part of this service, she also highlights elements of the text that are unclear to her as a reader. In contrast, proofreading occurs at the final stage of writing, and is when she does a big final check for errors and repetition. Prices for these services can be found here. She is also the co-owner of Pixie Forest Publishing.

When she’s not focused on writing and editing, she has four children– two boys and two girls– and she’s been married for 13 years. “Me and the kids love to play board games and play at the park,” She says. “And I love to bake and read.”

Her favorite story that she has written and published is “Static,” published in At Death’s Door, an anthology of twenty-four “unique and imaginative tales of death and beyond.” To check out this and more options, check out her website, where she lists all of her own novels as well as the anthologies she is featured in. To keep up with Donise, check out her Facebook page.

All photos from Author Donise Sheppard Facebook page.

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