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#LocalBusiness: Coal Country Concierge

Need someone to help you out? Jessica and Chris Hackney can do the job! This husband and wife duo operate Coal County Concierge. The pair, who also own and operate the Hatfield

-McCoy Inn, started the business as a personal assistant business to help clients “fill in the gaps.” Jessica says, “Basically, we complete any task that they cannot do, don’t have time to do, or just don’t want to do.” Coal County Concierge can help you decorate, complete home repairs and renovations, car detailing, or even shop for you!

In 2013, Jessica was working for the State of Kentucky when her father passed away. “I decided that life was too short to be stuck making a living, albeit a good one, in a job that I hated.” She started researching and scheduling small side jobs that January, and by April, she was ready to call it quits with the state job and pursue the new job full time.

Jessica’s favorite jobs that she’s done are those related to interior design, which she loves. “Party setups, Christmas decorations, and even full-room remodels,” she says. “I just love to make things pretty.”

To learn more about Coal County Concierge, check out their Facebook page or their website!

All photos from Coal Country Concierge.

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