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#LocalBusiness: Hallelujah Hair

Jami Lea Howard has been doing hair for almost eleven years. Prior to opening her new business, Hallelujah Hair, she worked her own hair booth, but when she turned 30 in 2021, she knew she wanted to make a change. “Until opening my own salon, I rented a booth, and I loved where I worked, but I always had the dream to have my very own salon from the day I started beauty school,” she says. “Last year, I turned 30, and as silly as it sounds, I had a hard time with it, because I knew God was calling me to make some changes…”

Jami prayed for clarity, and “the door opened” for her to move from the salon she was working in, to becoming a small business owner. When she finally got the space for her salon, she had no clue what to name it. “I prayed, ‘God you gave me this space…so now You have to name it,” she explains. “Hallelujah Hair was the first thing that popped into my head, and the rest was history!”

“Wake, Pray, and Have a Great Hair Day!”

Hallelujah Hair is a full-service hair salon located at 212 South Pike Street in downtown Williamson, where the motto is “Wake, Pray, and Have a Great Hair Day!” Jami says she hopes each and every guest who passes through her chair feels just as blessed when they come in as they do when they go out and she accomplishes this by helping them look and feel their most fabulous!

So far, Jami’s favorite thing about owning her own business is the happiness she finds and creates. “My favorite thing is the peace, love, and joy that I not only get to walk into every day, but that I get to create in the atmosphere for everyone,” she says. “My little boy says, ‘Mom, this place is just so happy in here’, and my hope is for everyone to feel that way.”

Want to learn more about Hallelujah Hair? Visit the Facebook page to check out pictures of Jami’s fabulous work, You’ll also find information on how you can book your appointment!

Top Picture: Salon Owner/Stylist Jami Lea Howard with her husband Robbie, and son Jax.

All photos from Hallelujah Hair Facebook.

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