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#LocalBusiness: Pigeon Creek Soap Co.

Some time ago, Catherine Whitt took a “Pinterest deep dive” into the process of soap making as a result of her interest in getting toxic and unhealthy products out of her home. Shortly after experimenting with soap making, she realized that she wanted to offer this to more than just herself and her family. “I thought, this is awesome,” she says. “I want to make it convenient for people to get this.” From there, Pigeon Creek Soap Co. was born.

Sharing the Awesomeness of Handmade Soaps

“I created this business to be able to share the awesomeness of handmade soap, because it really is different.” Catherine is proud to say that her soap is not only free of the toxic, but also contains a huge variety of skin-healing ingredients.

In addition to goats milk and coconut bar soaps, Pigeon Creek Soap Co. also offers liquid castile soap, bath bombs, shower steamers, lotions, body butters, candles, and wax melts. They also offer “special treats,” such as foaming salt baths, bubble play-doh, solid bubble bath, and shampoo and conditioner bars. Some of these, such as the shampoo and conditioner, she hopes to offer regularly, and she also hopes to add body sprays to her line.

Products To Help and Heal

Catherine offers so many wonderful products that it seems tough to choose a favorite, but for her, the bar soaps are the best item she offers. “It is unbelievable how much your skin will improve when switching to a bar soap that nourishes instead of just cleaning,” she says. “My second best is the lotion, because it’s not just a barrier cream with added moisturizers, it’s nourishing butters and oils with healing herbs and botanicals. It helps and heals.”

Making soap might seem like hard work, and it surely is, but for Catherine, the biggest part of a business like hers is the research. “I want to make sure that what I put in my products doesn’t cause any long-term negative effects to the body, and helps to heal the biggest organ we have: our skin.”

For Catherine, the best part of running Pigeon Creek Soap has been hearing how her products have improved the lives of customers. “That’s really what I work for, and it makes my week when I get that feedback.”

Want to try some of Pigeon Creek Soap’s products to give her the feedback she loves? Check out Pigeon Creek Soap Co. on Facebook to learn more about what products they offer. You can also find Pigeon Creek Soap Co. products at the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, aka The Coal House, and Catherine is a regular vendor at the Williamson Farmers Market during market season.

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