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#LocalBusiness: Sippin' on 2nd

Are you looking for a delicious cold beverage, but want something a little healthier than your average iced coffee from the drive-thru? If so, it’s time for you to take a look at Sippin’ on 2nd located on 2nd Avenue, Williamson. Opened by Chelsea and Cody Reynolds, Sippin’ on 2nd is a tea shop that is part of the upcoming medical spa, Sanctuary on 2nd, which the couple will be opening soon. “We wanted to have a place for clients to stop in on their way in and out,” Chelsea says.

The couple originally planned to do a coffee shop, but after Cody became a regular at Bears Den Nutrition in Pikeville, Kentucky, they decided to focus their “energy” on a tea shop. “My husband quickly became a regular of theirs, and after talking with the owners, they pitched us the idea that we should partner up and expand over to Williamson,” Chelsea says. Though the shop is positioned perfectly for customers at the spa, they did decide to keep the shop open to the public so that everyone can appreciate what they have to offer.

Bringing Healthy & Delicious To Williamson

Sippin’ on 2nd offers energy teas, iced coffee, and protein shakes. “The teas are our most popular sellers, with the iced coffee not far behind.” Chelsea says. “The teas are made with an herbal tea supplement as the base, a variety of water enhancements and flavorings to create our unique recipes, topped off with a caffeine tablet to give you that amazing energy boost.” Each tea is loaded with 21 different vitamins.

There are a variety of flavors available, and there’s something for everyone. “Our team is always experimenting with different flavors throughout the week to create a new drink to add to the menu,” says Chelsea.

The iced coffees are also uber-healthy, coming in with 24 grams of protein. “You’ll notice they’re slightly thicker than the average iced coffee, but instead of sugar, you are getting that protein that you wouldn’t get with the others,” She says.

Chelsea’s favorite drink they offer is the Black Pearl energy tea, which has grape, cherry, and blue raspberry flavors. “It reminds me of an old-school Kool-Aid!” Her favorite iced coffee is the Caramel Macchiato, while Cody prefers the Brownie Batter shake.

For Chelsea, the most exciting thing about this business is seeing it happen just like she hoped. “I wanted it to appeal to everyone in the community,” she says. “I love seeing everyone enjoying their drinks. Every time we get a new customer, they become a repeat customer, and we are so thankful!”

She’s also thankful for her employees. “We have an amazing team of employees who work so hard to bring the best and friendliest service, and I think they are a big reason why we are thriving,” she says. “Customer service is everything to me; I love our community and the people, and want to give them something they can be excited about and always have a pleasant experience.”

Want to get your hands on one of these energy teas, or are you already a fan? If you haven’t sipped one yet, head over to their Facebook page now!

Note: Sippin' on 2nd is located on 2nd Avenue in the former Tug Valley Inn location.

All photos from Sippin' on 2nd Facebook page.

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