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#LocalBusiness: Sips for Dayz

#LocalBusiness: Sips for Dayz 

Looking for a different way to get your caffeine boost?  Sips for Dayz is the business for you! Owner Tish Marcum offers tons of delicious, hand-crafted energy drinks, topped with your choice of candy! 

“My business consists of a tanning salon with tanning beds and spray tans, as well as my plant-based, handcrafted energy drinks,” Tish says. She had considered opening a coffee shop for some time, but knew it wouldn’t be accessible to kids. “After trying a handcrafted energy drink, I found the perfect alternative to a coffee shop! It became reality through a leap of faith.” 

Sips for Dayz offers a variety of delicious flavors through an always expanding menu, often featuring special seasonal beverages. Tish’s favorite is Tornado, which combines peach, mango, lime, and pineapple. Drinks can be topped with a variety of sweet treats, including gummies, popping boba, and sour candies. All drinks can be made caffeine free. 

Tish has a lot of favorite things about owning this business: “I love getting to meet new people, and interacting with the community,” She says. “I also enjoy seeing my customers enjoy a refreshing drink that’s been all dolled up with candy….it’s just fun to be the mixologist.” 

Tastebuds tingling yet? Check out the Sips for Dayz FB page to keep an eye on their menu and see some of Tish’s tasty creations! 

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