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#LocalCharacter Durand Warren is Changing Lives in His Hometown

Helping Folks in the Community

As the Director of Behavioral Medicine and a Licensed Professional Counselor for Williamson Health and Wellness Center (WHWC), Durand Warren enjoys playing a role in improving folks’ lives and mental health. “I love that I am able to play a small part in their growth and transformation of what they knew they were capable of all along,” he says.

Durand provides therapeutic intervention to those who struggle with substance abuse disorders, helping them to identify other problems they have that might be contributing to their addiction. He started working with Williamson Health and Wellness Center through work he did at his previous position, with Logan Mingo Area Mental Health. Through his position at Logan Mingo Area Mental Health he developed a skillset to create new programs for those struggling with substance abuse.

Dr. Dino Beckett, the CEO of WHWC, had heard of the work I had done,” Durand says, “He knew I was a son of Williamson, and figured I had a strong desire to change my hometown for the better.” Dr. Beckett offered Durand the job with WHWC, and he accepted.

Durand loves seeing how his work can improve the lives of patients. He says,“I am overwhelmed when my patients come and tell me how their family relationships have strengthened since being in recovery. I am humbled to know every mistake I have made, and every mishap that has taken place has been purposeful and divine.”

Appreciating the Simple Things

Outside of work, Durand enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, and enjoys big family dinners. He is currently in the process of beautifying his home, and he and his sons have been exploring some DIY projects. “All in all, I am a pretty simple man and like to live life at a pretty slow pace,” he says.

Doing Right by His Hometown

For Durand, the best part of working in Williamson is giving back to an area that once saw him at his worst. “I definitely under-delivered to my family, friends, and people of Williamson who knew my character,” he says, “They knew I was better than the behavior that I was displaying, but the lifestyle had such a stronghold on me at the time...if I am going to work tirelessly for anyone, anywhere, I want it to be the place I was raised, and in front of the people that raised me.”

For more information about the services offered through Williamson Health and Wellness Center Behavioral Health Clinic check them out online. Also, follow them on Facebook where they post updates about services provided and other health related information.

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