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#LocalCharacter: Jonnica Coleman-Bryson

Real Life Ups

Jonnica Coleman Bryson is bringing honesty and inclusivity to the blogosphere! She started On the Daily blog in 2018, when she was pregnant with her daughter, Stella. “I initially started it just to document my pregnancy,” she says. “As I started sharing more of my ‘must-haves’ and being pretty candid about my life, I noticed more people started following along.” She decided to keep it up after her daughter was born, and since then, On the Daily Blog has shared information about health, family, motherhood, and real life ups and downs of being a working mom.

Building a Community Of Women

Since the blog started, a lot has changed for Jonnica. “I felt like my journey has slowly evolved through the years, and the blog has been my constant through the past few seasons of my life,” she says. “I’ve met new friends, found new businesses and helped promote them, and built a community of women that I can just be myself with.”

Through it all, she’s maintained a down-to-earth approach to her blog. “Don’t do things just to share and compare with others,” she says. “Build a life that is happy and sincere, and share those moments. People will know if you’re being genuine.”

She hopes that On the Daily Blog brings happiness and confidence to her readers. “On the Daily Blog is an all-inclusive space where I hope everyone can come to feel inspired, and find a sense of style and self-confidence,” Jonnica says.

In addition to On the Daily Blog, Jonnica has also begun teaching at Downtown Yoga in Williamson, West Virginia. “On the Daily is a lifestyle blog,” Jonnica says. “Sharing fitness and wellness has always been a portion of my blog. I’ve always struggled with weight and body image issues, and I’m transparent about that on my blog.” Jonnica started going to Downtown Yoga, and fell in love. She started going regularly to all the classes, as well as practicing at home. “I began incorporating weights into my home practice, and looking up programs online.”

She talked with Heather Wolford, owner of Downtown Yoga, about taking her love of yoga to the next level. Jonnica made the decision to become a certified yoga instructor. “I enjoyed the aspect of having a full body, challenging, yet attainable workout, so I enrolled in a four-week course of training to get my certification.”

Jonnica designs every workout, as well as the playlists, in her class. She also adds modifications to ensure that everyone present can safely participate. “It is relaxing, yet challenging!” she says. Jonnica teaches Yoga Sculpt classes every Tuesday and Thursday at Downtown Yoga at 6:00am. She also offers occasional pop-up classes on week-ends, as her schedule allows.

She loves what yoga allows her to give her daughter, and other women. “I want to be a good role model for my daughter, and teach her self love, and to value her body,” she says. “What better way to show her this than getting up every morning and doing it? I have found so much joy in this class and in teaching other women to love their bodies along the way.”

Want to keep an eye on what Jonnica gets up to over at Downtown Yoga? Keep an eye on the Downtown Yoga Facebook page! As for On The Daily, you can keep up with everything Jonnica posts by following the On the Daily Facebook page, Instagram account, or visiting the website.

Photos from On The Daily Blog

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